Congregation Council

The Congregation Council consists of the pastor and up to twelve members of the congregation.  Members are elected for three-year terms at the annual Congregational Meeting in January.  The purpose of the council is to lead the congregation in long-range planning, make decisions about financial and property matters, and make spiritually-guided decisions about the worship life of the church in the community which we serve.  The council meets monthly to discuss and vote on current matters.


President|  Wendy Richards
Vice President| Wendy Burnish
Secretary|  Melanie Bechtel
Financial Secretary|  Steve Barnett
Treasurer|  Larry Varone


Dan Bergey                                                      Kathy Miller
Nadine Blackburn                                           Wendy Richards
Wendy Burnish                                               Sherwood Robbins
Rich Hawk                                                        Thomas Sahaida
Chris Karasek                                                   Joanne Scattergood
Carole Miller                                                    Rod Kline


Christian Education and Youth Ministry

Committee Chair:  Aaron Hinnershitz (sub-chair for Education), and Terry Trumbauer (sub-chair for Youth)
Council Liaisons:  Carole Miller

Purpose of the Committee:  The Christian Education and Youth Ministries Committee plans and discusses Reformation’s Sunday School program for children and youth, adult Bible studies, summer Vacation Bible School, youth group activities and special events, and fund raising initiatives.

Areas/Ministries Overseen by Committee:
Children’s Sunday School
Confirmation classes and projects
High school Sunday School
Adult studies
Youth Groups – Jumping Juniors (grades 3-6) and High School (grades 7-12)
Local, Regional and National Youth Events
Fund raisers

Faith Connections

Committee Chair: Kathy Miller
Council Liaison: none

Purpose of the Committee:  Faith Connections leads and encourages the congregation to intentionally reach out to visitors, inactive members, and non-members with the message of the Gospel. Additionally they support active members develop a deeper connection to their faith community and uses media effectively to aid members in their growing faith.

Areas/Ministries Overseen by Committee:
Welcome visitors
Train greeters and ushers
Connect with college students and young adults
Provide news and advertisements to local publications
Maintain the church website
Sustain a relationship with inactive members
Reach out to new community members

Finance Committee

Committee Chair:  Rod Kline
Council Liaison:  Rod Kline

Purpose of the Committee:  The Finance Committee oversees the financial affairs of the church so that Reformation has the financial resources to carry out its ministries.

Areas/Ministries Overseen by Committee:
Prepare an annual budget of income and expenses
Monitor cash flow and budget throughout the year
Manage the investments for the endowment funds
Assist in organizing the annual audit
Determine how to pay for/finance capital expenditures such as building improvements/repairs and the purchase of equipment or furniture
Provide oversight for the church treasurer
Maintain adequate insurance policies

Hospitality Committee

Committee Chair:
Council Liaison: 
Kathy Miller

Purpose of the Committee:  The Hospitality Committee is responsible for organizing the food and volunteers for receptions and gatherings.  They also make sure the kitchen is stocked and organized.

Areas/Ministries Overseen by Committee:
Receptions, meals, and special events
Purchasing, stocking, and organizing kitchen supplies
Annual Church Picnic
Lenten Soup Suppers
Summer Together Times

Mutual Ministry

Committee Chair:  Nadine Blackburn
Council Liaison:  Wendy Burnish

Purpose of the Committee:  The Mutual Ministry Committee works to strengthen our congregation in its ministry by developing and maintaining open lines of communication about expectations, attitudes and concerns. This communication can be between the paid staff and congregation, members of the congregation, or our congregation and the community. Members of the committee try to be aware of early warning signs of misunderstandings and assist in working toward conflict resolution when a conflict arises.

Areas/Ministries Overseen by Committee:
Communication with staff
Committee member assigned to each paid staff member
Preempting any conflict or resolving conflict when necessary

Advocates for Staff Members:
Ruth Blatt | Mike Schneeberger
Chris Karasek | Aaron Hinnershitz
Nadine Blackburn | Pastor Steve and Julie Seiz
Wendy Burnish | Pat Bower and Millie Castillo
Tom Sahaida | Rod Kline and Larry Varone
Steve Barnett | Lars Potteiger

Personnel Committee

Committee Chair:  Nadine Blackburn
Council Liaison:  Nadine Blackburn

Purpose of the Committee:  The Personnel Committee provides support that relates to the paid staff of the church. The members of this committee assist with matters related to the hiring, evaluation, and general effective functioning of the church staff.

Areas/Ministries Overseen by Committee:
Oversee annual Performance Evaluations for all paid staff
Support specific committees responsible for the hiring and evaluation of new employees
Work with council to address employee salary or benefit issues
Meet on an “as needed” basis to address any personnel-related issues encountered by the staff or congregation

Property Committee

Committee Chair:  Tim Dewalt
Council Liaison:  Rich Hawk

Purpose of the Committee:  The Property Committee oversees the proper maintenance, improvement, and protection of all church property, keeping it aesthetically pleasing and in good repair.

Areas/Ministries Overseen by Committee:
Manage short and long-term maintenance goals, including emergency and scheduled repairs or improvements
Keep our facility in compliance with public safety and code regulations
Secure in-house volunteers or hired contractors to fulfill maintenance goals
Oversee and support the work of the church sexton and housekeeper
Support church ministries and functions by managing daily operations of the interior and exterior of our church building
Conduct an annual spring clean-up of church yard and gardens

Scholarship Committee

Committee Chair:  Sara Lambert
Council Liaison:  Dan Bergey

Purpose of the Committee:  The Scholarship Fund Committee is responsible for the management and distribution of fund from the Reformation Evangelical Lutheran Church of Reiffton Scholarship Fund. The members of this committee provide yearly educational scholarship award(s) to Reformation members attending an institution of higher learning who have been actively involved in the life and ministry of the Reformation congregation and have demonstrated a need for financial aid.

Areas/Ministries Overseen by Committee:
Select recipients of scholarship award money
Manage the principal and income of the Scholarship Fund
Distribute Fund earnings
Generate additional principal for the Fund through gifts and donations

Reformation Scholarship Application

Social Ministry

Committee Chair:  Chris Karasek
Council Liaison:  Chris Karasek

Purpose of the Committee:  The Social Ministry committee provides oversight and support for many of the outreach activities at Reformation. With a special focus on our local community, the committee encourages the participation of the congregation in these service opportunities.

Areas/Ministries Overseen by Committee:
Exeter Area Food Pantry
Clothing Bank
Family Promise
Care Team
Opportunity House monthly meal
Hope Partnership
Health Ministry
Clothing Drives

Stewardship Committee

Committee Chair: 
Council Liaison:  Sherwood Robbins

Purpose of the Committee:  Stewardship Committee focuses on the ways in which we, as individuals and as a congregation, give back to do God’s Work with Our Hands. We look for opportunities to celebrate and grow in our giving of time, talents, and financial gifts as a response to all the blessings that we have been given.

Areas/Ministries Overseen by Committee:
Annual Stewardship Emphasis
Recommendations for giving to the ELCA and Synod initiatives
Time and Talent Survey

Technology Committee

Committee Chair: Charlie Manella
Council Liaison: Tom Sahaida

Purpose of Committee:  The Technology Committee oversees the technological elements of daily operation at Reformation.  The Committee provides support and plans and implements projects designed to advance the use of technology at our church.  In a constantly changing environment, the committee strives to ensure Reformation is effectively using technology to the highest advantage as our church collectively works to spread the message of the Gospel.

Areas/Ministries Overseen by Committee:
Oversees audio/visual equipment
Maintains wireless network
Assists with technology projects

Worship and Music Ministry

Committee Chair:  Karen Hawk
Council Liaison:  Joanne Scattergood

Purpose of the Committee:  The Worship and Music Ministry prepares the worship space, plans the worship services, and provide music. This committee’s goal is to enhance the worship experience for all those in attendance, encourage congregation members to share that experience with others, and embrace the homebound by providing communion and fellowship.

Areas/Ministries Overseen by Committee:
Reformation Singers
Reformation Ringers
Sunday School Music
Music Planning
Altar Guild
Eucharistic Ministers
Communion Assistants and Assisting Ministers
Acolytes, Crucifers, and Torchbearers
Seasonal Displays in Worship Space